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At Rennick Galleries, we combine our enthusiasm for auctions and antiques with our decades of knowledge and experience to offer one of the most effective, efficient appraisal services in Florida.

We are pleased to work with everything from single items by an individual seller to estates of every size. Written appraisal prices range from $75 for one item to $300-$600 for most collections. Prices can vary for larger collections. As a courtesy, we also provide verbal valuations on items for our customers. These valuations are based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the established going price for similar items.

In addition to individual items for our galleries, we offer written appraisals for insurance, estates, estate planning, probate or family court, and market appraisals for various owners. 

In 1972, Ron Rennick opened Rennick House of Antiques, located on Beacon Street, Boston, MA. In 1980, the Rennick family reopened in Vero Beach, FL, under the name Auction Center Galleries, Inc. Operating as a family business, Rennick Galleries offers local collectors the opportunity to build their collection of art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, and other unique treasures. As one of the largest antique galleries in this part of Florida, we handle estates and collections from Miami to Orlando.

For more information on our appraisal services, please contact our team.

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