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A cost-effective, accelerated method to buy and sell a property.

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Why Use Rennick Real Estate Auctions?

Today’s real estate marketplace dictates creative thinking in selling and buying homes. Rennick Auctions offers a proven, specialized approach that efficiently connects the right buyer with the right seller in a quick, transparent transaction. Real estate Auctions provide a cost effective, accelerated method to buy and sell a property.

At Rennick Auctions we have a veteran team that carefully choreographs the Auction plan and makes sure our clients receive the high level of service and attention they deserve.


Highwaymen Paintings Auction!

Our next Auction will be held Sunday, November 22 @ 2pm at our Gallery at 15 Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach.  We are now consigning A.E. Backus and Highwaymen paintings for this Auction!  Over 40 paintings have already been consigned and will be posted here shortly.

Looking to Auction Your Property?

Our experienced staff can discuss your specific property needs and offer a preliminary assessment of your property as an auction candidate. If your property appears to be a suitable candidate, one of our Auction specialists will visit you to provide further analysis. 

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Upcoming Real Estate Auctions

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